“Platinum Garden Volume 7”


Marriages ought to be based on trust and understanding, but lately Kazura’s engagement seems to be nothing but secrets and mysteries. First, Shintaro Aguri, a substitute teacher who is really a member of the Magahara family, challenges her to find a former classmate’s mysterious parting gift or else break up with Mizuki. Then Mizuki performs a soul return on a friend’s husband, leaving Mizuki in the hospital, exhausted and wracked by fits, and poor Kazura clueless as to why!

—–From Back of the book,Published by Tokyo Pop, Authour is Maki Fujita——

Art: Nothing to complain about here. Maki does a tremedous job of drawing! I didn’t find anything wrong with her drawing in this volume.

Plot Development: Their were many plot developments in this volume. Mainly in Kazura wanting to offically not leave Mizuki alone,deciding to not give up and have her destiny be changed. We also get to learn what Mizuki thinks and how he feels at the end of this volume. Even tho I do believe he’s in love with her he’s very in denial about it. I hope next volume we get to hear more of his thoughts,because it was nice for a change. Another plot event is Kazura was able to see a bit of the future threw Miya’s eyes,and be able to hear her voice, when only a few people can (cause she speaks telepathically). So that little turn of events shows that Kazura might be closer to the family or something then they all think. The last two things I noticed in plot events are ,a)Kazura&Mizuki are getting way closer. Kazura’s depending more on him when she’s scared,and wants to be more in his life. I sometimes feel threw this series that Mizuki is quite selfish in the fact that Kazura seems to be the only one working at the relationship. B) Mizuki finally did a soul return infront of Kazura,tho I wish this scene was more in detail,cause I kinda got confused,we finally see him doing it. Now Mizuki is very exhausted,and he’s finally going to show what he did out of town,meaning he’s going to show Kazura what happens after a soul return,but not till volume 8.

Overall Thought
I thought this was a good volume. I mean I quite enjoy this series, I mean I’m still reading it after seven volumes of it. This story reminds me of two things. A) Fruits basket. Maybe this series hasn’t gotten as dark as Fruits basket has,but it definatly reminding me of Fruits basket. Mainly with all the secrets and everything.Maybes that why I enjoy this series. I think anyone who likes fruits basket would definatly enjoy this series. B) Edward Cullen from Twilight. I mean has anyone not read Midnight Sun, off of Stephenie Meyers website. In Edwards view he feels like the biggeist moron, and Mizuki kinda feel that way. So Edward And Mizuki.Maybe we should get them to have coffee together,lol.

Tho I definatly enjoy this volume,I do wish their was a bit more. I mean, I wish we could have a more detail look at how Mizuki did the soul returner. I was quite confused at how he did it. I think the only problem this volume had was it had bits of confusion. I mean at the beginning I was quite confused. In the last volume, volume 6, Kazura was only talking to Aguri (the teacher) on the phone, and then in this volume she seems a bit closer. I also forgott who Miya was. Manga volumes only get published every few months,depending on translation and something after four months you fogett alot of things, so when you read the next volume you might be confused, I reread the ending of volume 6,and was a bit less confused. So yah confusion was the only probelm for me. Other then that,this volume was enjoyable,and I definatly can’t wait till volume 8. Hopefully this series will be a long lasting one like Fruits Basket.


Next review will be of Tsubasa volume 2 *anime*, and The Queens Knight Volume 13

“XXX Holic Volume 1”

So crazy me decides to use the last bit of birthday money and go to her local comic store and buy a volume of some anime. This insane person is craving Star Ocean EX , but just my luck to find out they dont have it. I see Ranma 1/2 sitting on the shelf,not really lonely looking (because it’s other season are sitting all in line next to it),but I know I dont have enough cash, so a crazy anime that I’ve never watched but seen the trailer of. What anime is that? xxxHOLIC. I’ve seen Clamps, Card Captor Sakura before, and Tsubasa too. I’ve liked both of them,and I thought the English dubb trailer to xxHOLIC looked cool, so I thought let just try this out. Excuse me mister, do you have any xxxHOLIC? and of course they do, so I buy volume one and after a week of sitting on my shelf I decided to bring you guys a new review.


Watanuki has been haunted by dark spirits his entire life, a curse flowing through his bloodline preventing peace. When his incessant deamons drag him to the ornate door of the Dimensional Witch Yuko, he meets a mystical woman of insight and luxury, quick to help those in a blind…For a fee! One might very well end up paying with their soul! To be free of his visions, Watanuki will work in her shop of dreams and wishes. There is always a price to pay…

—Got Synopthis from Back of dvd by Funimation&Clamp—

Characters Voices&Development

I only watched this in dub, I don’t think I could watch volume 1 again for a while anyways. Maybe episode 3 again,lol. But I only watched it in English dub. Um, I actually liked the dub, the voices were not annoying and they fit,espeically Yuko’s,Watanuki’s,and Himawari. Thier was only one voice I hated and that was domeki. Was his character suppose to sound old? I just thought it didnt sound teenagish,too old for a boy his age.And that bugged me, I mean it totally did. Luckily he wasn’t in many episode,maybe if I rewatch this I’ll do it japanese. Now Colleen Clinkenbeard (voices Yuko) is the main reason I watch this.She did a excellent job,and the trailer of it with her voice of Yuko’s fit. I also like Maru and Moro voice. Now Moro is pronuce identical to my name so haft the time their name was called in my name,I kept thinking “My Name”,”My Name”. Which was funny.

Watanuki in my opinon was the only one who had plot or character development out of the whole volume 1. I mean we learn about his past,and the lost of his parents. And we learn his future is Very interesting to Yuko. Now the whole plot that suppose to develop (if their is one) didn’t really show to me. I mean to me all these episodes were fillers.Yes we learn that Watanuki is interesting and something in his future is interesting,but unless the plot is he’s going to change his destiny all around really hugely,I just don’t see it *Did that make sense?*.I just don’t see any plot development. But I guess that was the same with Hell girl season 1, they didn’t really have any plot till the end.

Drawings&Dvd Extra’s

I just don’t know what it is about Clamp,but do they need to make all their characters so tall or skinny (anorexic looking to me). Is it a trade mark thing? I love thier work&stories&idea’s but I do not like how some characters *mainly the main characters* are so damn tall&skinny. I mean in Tsubasa Yuko was 2 stories high of a building.That’s just not right. So Yah,other then that I like everything else that’s drawn.I just don’t like the skinnies and tallness.I mean, being tall isn’t a bad thing,but every character is tall except for some exceptional few is very unrealistic *but this anime?*, and yah. My friends like to joke about this whenever we watch anything by clamp,except for Cardcaptors Sakura. So I kinda do and Kinda dont like the art style.

Dvd specials is nothing spectacular. Just textless song and image gallery,and trailers. You know with all this big deal of xxxHOLIC, I thought their would be more extra’s. Especially for a dvd that cost 30 bucks. But nope. But the opening song 19 sai is something that everyone must listen to. It’s a awesome song that will keep you dancing and singing alone. At first I didn’t like it,but by the third episode I was craving it. But anyways I thought their could be more specials, I mean Tsubasa volume 2 had more specials then this.

Best parts

I didn’t really enjoy Episode 1,2,4 that much but I did have many favorite parts in this volume:

In Almost every episode theirs a cooking scene with Watanuki, and I love how haft the time he’s complaing,and not paying attention.Or he’s freaking out or just basically leaving the food to burn or whatever,and usually he always gets told by Mokona,Moro,and Maru.And they all repeat the same thing. He even gets complaints from Domeki

Episode 3 is probably my all time favorite especially from the refrences it has. The headphones that they wear in it are chobits ears. And I found this a hysterical joke that he had to wear it,and Yuko only did it because she thought it was was funny.It was funny to watch Watanuki suffer so much from These headphones and get made fun of,and in addition Yuko wears a identical pair which was so out of the ordinary,loll.

The chessboard scene where Mokona&Yuko are playing chess.And the chess pieces of our of Mokona. I mean all the chess pieces of are Mokona,black mokona&white mokona. That was a awesome scene.

Mokona in itself is the best part of the comedy relief in this show. I love how in tsubasa or anywhere mokona says “I’m not a thing,I’m a Mokona”. And I like how Mokna like “Handshake” in episode four.So that was nice.

Yuko Playing Baseball ūüôā

Overall Thought

Out of all the hype that this anime recieves,I didn’t like it much except for episode 3. I found some episodes really hard to watch all the way threw,and I really saw no plot,and felt it was mostly fillers. Ummm I really don’t know if I’ll continue with this series. The description reminded me of Hell Girl in a way,I mean the line of “There is always a price to pay…” is a line Ai Enma says or *I can imagine her saying*. I think thats actually a quote she says in the show. And Yah. I don’t know. It was enjoyable in some parts, but in others it wasn’t.I guess,at least it had good music to back it up,cause without it,I probably wouldn’t have gone on to each episode.

“Romantic Princess,Ep.2”

Plot Line: This episode opens up with Xiao Mai deciding that she wants to make a contract with her grandpa. What is the contract?? She has five years to pay five million to her grandfather so that she pays her foster parents house off, and she’s free and doesnt have to marry one of her grandfather successors. But if she doesn’t earn the money in five years then she will have to marry a successor, and who does her grandfather pick, why he picks Jin. So after a scary dream of not paying the¬† money and having to marry a-not-so-kawii jin,Xiao Mai finds a video tape of her friends&Classmates wishing her luck in her new life and who did this video come from, why from Emp.She feel a bit sad because she had feeling that her grandfather was mean and she feels he was very nice by making this video so she wouldnt feel lonely.¬†So wanting to vist her foster parents she find out she has to bring Jin with her,why? Because of her safety. She is not allowed to leave the mansion without someone. So Jin comes along and after not agreeing to stuff, he finally comes in and has dinner with Xiao and Her¬† family. This¬†coming for dinner¬†happen at¬†that night¬†and then the next day.Emp starts to get anrgy because he feels Xiao is ignoring him and¬†he decides to visit Xiao foster father and basically says ‘he useless and a failure’ and to make it up he should move to Brazil with Mrs.Mai and startover, after lots of consideration,he agrees, and Mrs.Mai and him go,without telling Xiao Mai.So while the Mai’s and the cousin are waiting in the airport, Mai phones and¬† her cousin accidentally tells her that her parents are moving to Brazil.Xiao Mai didn’t know this, and goes to the airport with Jin. But arriving to late she starts to cry and Jin let her cry on his shoulder. She goes back and basically yells at her grandfather and run aways, with Jin coming to confort her. But the next day she is taken back.Btw Xiao Mai thinks Grandfather made her parents go to Brazil,when really they had a choice.And she feels Jin betrayed her when the security came after her a day later to take her back. Also now Lin,Jin’s brother has taken a series interest in Xiao Mai and Jin gives him a bit of advice.

Thoughts: I thought this was a really well done episode. This is another Jin&Xiao episode, well actually this is the¬†first to really focuse on themselves.¬† I find that Angela Zhang is a good actress, she was a very emotional when the acting parts came and so. I dont really feel sad that Mr.&Mrs. Mai are,well left the show,kindof, why? I didn’t really like thier characters that much and felt that they were a conflict that was going to be taken care of,sometime in the series.¬†Now,hopefully we can focuse on the four guys. Because now Lin has open up¬† as a character and we can expect him loving Xiao will¬†make a conflict in episode 3.¬†Anywho this was a good episode.

Rating: A+

“Romantic Princess,Ep.1”

Let me Just say that Wu Chun is kawii!!! He plays Nan Feng Jin in the new Taiwanese drama,  Romantic Princess. Which also stars Angela Zhang, Calvin Chen, and Gu Bao Ming. And many others. Why I decided to do this drama is because, not only have i just started this series, but also because I found it quite interesting. More interesting then blue seed  and Haruka Toki no Naka de. Sadly but true.Anywho,enjoy the first review.

BTW Xiao Ming is also called Shan throughout the series, because thats her birth name. But she doesn’t like it, so she says to stick with Xiao Ming.

Plot Line: The first episode is pretty much based around Xiao Mai (Angela Zhang)¬†finding out that she’s is the granddaughter of the richest person in all of asian. Now in the beginning of the show, Xiao’s main goal¬†is to become wealthy and how she’s¬†doing this is by working every day. She wants to live in the¬†mansion where her grandfather actually lives,but she didn’t know he was her grandfather, anywho. She¬†figures if she doesn’t eat for 400years she can get¬†that lifestyle.¬†So basically Xiao¬†Mai gets heat stroke and come home from work early, but after awhile, alot of¬†Emp (Gu Bao Ming), her Grandfathers, men come to the house, and basically she leaves.¬†The¬†¬†episode is also¬†based on her wanting to leave her new rich lifestyle¬†because she doesnt feel this new¬†lifestyle is good,¬†it¬† wasn’t as she expected, and she also wants to leave because of¬†that dumb,kawii,¬†jerk, guy¬†Jin (Wu Chun) who keeps thinking “She’s a spoil rich¬† girl” and basically he makes her hate him. But¬†by the end he learns his theories might of been¬†wrong.¬† So by the¬†end Xiao Ming and her¬†foster¬†family decide to live together¬†even if that means that the parents loose¬†their job and new good house that Emp¬†¬†Gave them. ¬†¬†

Thoughts: One thing I have learned to do is never watch dramas, when your about to go to bed and haft asleep,haha. Ok the quote I think¬† really fits this episode,maybe the whole series, is¬†“Becareful what you wish for”. Xiao¬† Ming learned that the rich lifestyle that she dream of isn’t so ‘fairytale like’. For me I think Angela Zhang and Wu Chun¬†did a really good acting job. The acting was pretty good in my opinon. Now I can tell from this episode that Xiao Ming & Jin will be a recurring conflict, with them hating each other and all. I hope that we can learn more about the other guys in the future and not just focus on Xiao Ming&Jin. I also hope that Xiao Ming past will be more told and or the enemy that kidnapped her when she was a child, will¬†come back in the series. I thought the first episode was really well done,I wish we could of seen more of Jin tho ‚̧

Rating: B+

“Harukanaru toki no Naka De episode 2”

Episode summary *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*:

The episode starts off with Eisen having a dream of a celestrial maiden coming to him, and he’s reaching out too her.¬† But he wakes up and shakes the dream off him, saying it’s not true, even tho afterwards we seet his stranges yellow light coming down/up from the sky. The episode mainly focuses on finding Tenma, and we get some Princess Fujii begging Akane to be the miko and save Kyo.¬† The guards have found Tenma’s school jacket near Kamo River, and their is a sword mark in it :0. The guards say their have been alot of bad spirits around their, so¬† Yorhihisa takes over the investigation, and Shimon hides the jacket from Akane who is¬†comes up and follows afer¬†Yorhihisa who I think went off to Kamo River to investigate, because he went off somewhere to invesitagate.¬† Haha that part was confusing. Anywho, Akane follows but looses Yorhihisa and wonders around the village and runs into a boy, and asks where the river is, he tells her and she goes there. Meanwhile after akane leaves we learn tenma is alive, he stops a theft from stealing, and who’s to catch this heroics but the boy *who akane just saw* his name is Inori and the two of them go for food. Akane on the way to Kamo River thinks about what the man with the mask on said to her in the first episode, that Tenma is not probably alive, and she thinks he¬†isn’t a bad person¬†but Akane shakes this thought out of her mind and a red snakes appears before Akane and say: “Your Miko….I presume” (i didnt put the rest of miko name on their). Anywho the snakes says “the master awaits” and Akane follows.¬† Ok I’m going to hurry up with this bio.We learn Tenma was attacked by a monster, and has gotten a job by Inori to stoped theives. The highness *i think* tells¬† Eisen if he sense anything, and we learn he’s able to sene omen since he was a child. Akane learns that she can not save/find Tenma unless she intrust her body to the mask man so he can have all her power, but Yorhihisa finds her before she can respond. The mm *masked man* walks off saying he was joking, and says “what is the truth, what is lie, you figure it out”. Something along those lines. The next scene Tenma is walking along the wall and Akane is yelling at Yorhihisa, who is dragging her by hand. Tenma looks around but their is nothing their *why: because they went inside the walls* Anywho he mistakes it as his imagination and keeps walking, when he hears Akane again, he rushes into the wall doors and finds Akane and Yorhihisa. A battle breaks out between the two men, with Akane yelling at them to wait/stop. In the end Tenma/Yohihisa swords clash and¬†a mysterious light appears making them back off. Akane tells Yorhihisa that this is Tenma and so on. Eisen and Yasuaki are off somewhere,and the last scene is¬†Akane looking at the cherry¬†trees.

BTW:¬†I dont remember if they introduce Yasuaki name in episode 1, i did this episode review before the first, so haha I’ll have to¬†rewatch¬†1. ūüôā


Opinions:¬†This episode was actually pretty good,better then the first episode of¬†Harukanaru toki no Naka de.¬† I must say tho, if you like Inuyasha,¬†Fushigi Yuugi, and maybe a bit of pretear or Escaflowne than you will like this series. It reminds me of Inuyasha become of the well *in the first episode*, and the masked man. Also the theme song, it sounds like¬†the first Inuyasha¬†opening and few others. I will have to¬†check if it¬† is the same artist. But yah, good series, interesting.Shojobeat publish a¬†chapter in the magazine. But now, focusing on this episode, I like how Akane is becoming a character, but she does remind me a bit of a wimpy Miaka from fushigi yuugi which isn’t a entirely bad time. One thing in this series that I think everyones wondering is if she is in love with Masked Man or Tenma. I mean you will see the realation between Tenma and her grow but who in the hell is she in love with? I¬†dont know either. Just have to keep watching.Anywho with the fight scenes, and a happy reunion this was a good show, maybe nexts week episode will be better 0.o¬†


Rating: 7/10 B+

¬†Sorry for doing the second episode first, I’ll have the first episode review of this episode up in no time ūüôā SORRY FOR THE LONG DELAY -_-

“Konnichiwa („Āď„āď„Āę„Ā°„ĀĮ)”


hello everybody, well to¬†Little Neko Anime Reviews. Not only anime review, but manga, novels, music,movies and so on.But anyway I’m Neko.¬† Please enjoy and hmmm, I dont know what else to say.I’m so boring haha.

^_^ Neko

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